Sooo we decided to start a farm

Tish Davies
Tish Davies
City to Country Life

Mission Statement

Davies Family Farm is a special place. The Mission of the Davies Family Farm is to provide a retirement occupation and supplemental income for the owners. In addition, the farm will provide a base for (community activity) new Veteran, Minority and women farmers.

Keys to Success

Farming in the United States is a mature industry with very little growth and a very competitive market. Therefore the Davies’ will focus on a small niche livestock, ….and produce high quality   . The Farm will also be an educational platform for new farmers.

  • Become the “first to market” through use of greenhouse and ..
  • Focus on marketing of hybrids to local distributors.
  • Aggressively pursue cost analysis and reduction
  • Concentration on post-harvest care of produce to enhance quality


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