Poultry Industry Past, Present, Future

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The poultry industry provides many people with a variety of career opportunities from marketing to research sciences. The poultry industry has grown significantly over the years and so has the employment opportunities in the poultry industry. Many positions within the poultry industry require specialized training and/or certification. Examples of these occupations are chick sexers, artificial insemination technicians, blood testers, and sanitation workers. Other occupations require a college degree for employment. “Modern poultry processing is a production line business. Birds are hung upside down on a moving conveyor belt of shackles at the beginning of the abattoir, and in a sort of food Fordism, carried seamlessly through every stage from slaughter to washing, chilling, cutting, and packing at high speeds. Large abattoirs typically run lines at a rate of 185 to 195 birds a minute, or nearly 12,000 and hour” (Wasley). This explains how the chickens are processed.

The practice of farmers raising chickens under contract for poultry processing companies has been around since the 1930s and is the industry standard. Tyson Foods has been working with poultry farmers on a contract basis since the late 1940s and it’s been a relationship that works well between both the farmers and the company. The company supplies the birds and the feed while the poultry farmer provides the labor, housing, and utilities. An example of raising poultry under contract would be the Blassingames who were contracted by Tyson Foods to supply chickens to McDonald’s for the food giant’s Mc Nuggets (Chew). This cooperation between Tyson Foods and family farms increases efficiency and quality while maintaining affordable prices for consumers.

Then there are the ongoing costs such as the cost of feeding. Changing in commodity prices for poultry feed has a direct effect on the cost of doing business in the poultry industry. For instance, a significant rise in the price of corn in the United States can put significant economic pressure on large industrial chicken farming operations. This puts the effect of how much poultry farmers have to spend on raising the poultry and how much they put the poultry up for the market. In the end, to solve this problem, we should come up with more ideas to raise money for the farmers so they can be benefitted and so can us humans. The people who sell equipment needed for poultry farming should lower their prices which in the end, everyone will lower their prices since they won’t have to pay as much as they do.

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