Making a Brooder!! (Baby Chicken Crib)

Tish Davies
Tish Davies
City to Country Life

Brooder: Usually a barn or barn-like structure that houses chicks until they grow feathers and can be moved outdoors (at about 3 weeks). Some designs create outdoor housing that is brooder accessible so that chicks do not have to be moved twice. Basic brooder equipment costs about $100, and can hold about 250 chicks at a time.

Not raising that many chicks? No Problem! get a under the bed tote, water and food source and a heat lamp. 

No matter which system you choose, you will need to include the following features in your housing design:
Insulation (not always necessary, but usually required in temperate climates)
Roof (needs to be waterproof and include an overhang for passive temperature regulation)
Nests (only needed for layers: 1 square foot of area with 1 foot of head room)
Roosts (2” x 2” stock, rounded or beveled, spaced 12 – 15 inches apart: should not be more than 2 feet off floor).


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