Luna Pic of Davies Babies

Illustrate your own children’s book

Tish Davies
Tish Davies
City to Country Life
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Want to illustrate your own children’s book…sounds good! How? Hours of drawing and painting isn’t the best option for me. Honestly, I don’t think my drawing skills can truly capture the vivid picture inside of my imagination. SOoo let’s take a look at what’s free.

         “If it’s free its for me!” Hahaha I always laugh every time someone says this. There are several stock photos on the World Wide Web. Great starting point are sites like,, and Some of the photos are amazing and unique. It’s always a good idea to CYA (cover your ass) and make sure there are no buried clauses, fine-print conditions or copyright. Before using a photo do a Google image search to determine if it’s in a paid stock art catalog or worse stolen from an artist’s personal website.  Doing a search also helps to identify if the picture is overexposed.  Don’t want little curly Chris looking like Lil Johnny, Eli and Tom.

         Have to make the free photo look like they were drawn and most importantly that they belong together, continuity.  There are a few tricks, use Photoshop. I have Photoshop and I hate it! I have removed and reinstalled it more time than I can count. Using an art filter can give an image the look of being hand drawn. An online version is LunaPic.  Upload the picture of your choosing and pick the desired filer, Color Sketch, Color Pen, or Color Pencil.

         I want to use caricatures of the Davies Babies!

…but did you plan first, do I need to? Storyboards, character, scenes

Luna Pic of Davies Babies


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