Tish Davies
Tish Davies
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Tell you more about pasture pigs? The Idaho Pasture Pig (IPP) is composed of Duroc, Old Berkshire, and Kunekune pigs. They are true grazing pigs that are very gentle-natured and have great personalities. We have some that “talk” to the dogs, respond with their own version of barking. 

Idaho Pasture Pigs are smaller than traditional pigs with the sows (female pig) maturing to 250–350 pounds and boars (male pig) maturing to 350–450 pounds. This smaller size makes them ideal for families as well as anyone looking to raise a more manageable-sized pig. Our children and employees are able to move them from one pasture to another with ease.

The IPP was developed with grazing being a primary concern and developing a breed that has a medium-sized, upturned snout that gives them the ability to eat grass. The traditional long, straight snouts of other pig breeds make it physically impossible for those pigs to get to the grass to graze. Pigs with longer snouts “root” and as my uncle would say “make a total mess”.

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