Growing Family Strong


Our goal is to provide healthy pasture raised, naturally grown, organic food 

From Our Family Farm To Your Table


Davies Family Farm produces high quality local products that are known for freshness and taste! We keep with industry trends and grow the newest varieties of specialty fruit, greens and baby vegetables. Our farm will also expand our fruit production growing raspberries and blackberries to extend the market season. We will offer niche products capitalizing on the local organic movement and interest in unique crops.

pasture raised chickens

    Our broiler chickens and laying hens are pastured raised, live outside on grass, in the fresh air and sunshine with plenty of space to roam and forge. Our birds use their beaks and talons to peck and scratch for bugs, worms, grasses, seeds, and more.  By rotating the chickens to fresh pasture our eggs and meat chickens are healthy and delicious!


Wholesale Inquiries

         We want to work with the best chefs, restaurants, butchers, and meal prep companies!  We would love the opportunity to become your farmers and bring regenerative agriculture to your kitchen.

grass fed cows

    Our cattle roam foraging for naturally occurring grasses, while soaking up the Ohio sunshine and living the way nature intended. Our cattle will never see a feedlot or a stock yard and will come straight from the pasture to be harvested humanely at a USDA boutique plant. Once processed, our Black Angus beef is dry aged for 14 days to tenderize and maximize flavor.

  • NO GMO’s

pasture raised PIGS

    Our Idaho Pasture Pigs graze in dedicated areas of our pasture. They are able to live outdoors all year round and grow extremely well with diet of primarily grass. We supplement our pigs diet with fruit and corn from the garden. The finished meat on this breed is an exceptional product and we know you will love it as much as we do!


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